Adding Functions & Features to Your WordPress CMS

We Use Only Tried, Tested, Trusted, and Supported Plugins.

Upgrades & Support

We’ll connect you with plugin manufacturers’ technical support & R+D services

Function Specification

We assist in plugin selection so that you get the functions you need

Compatibility Testing

We help ensure plugins work harmoniously in your WordPress installation

WordPress Plugins

Have you tested a range of plugins but didn’t find one that worked just like you wanted? Careful! You may have stumbled into a trap! Our WordPress development engineers will be able to assist with plugin selection to ensure your website doesn’t install Trojan viruses or harbour critical vulnerabilities due to outdated code.

Our in-house WordPress website developers are experienced in selecting plugins from a trusted source. We know how to check plugin integrity and functionality before setting them live in your website to ensure your website is left vulnerable. We also package free of cost and licensed plugins into standard or custom configurations that work together harmoniously.

Why we insist on using vetted WordPress Plugins:

  • Manufacturer technical support
  • Manufacturer R & D process
  • Virus & Trojan free functions
  • Vulnerability detection & repair
  • Upgrades & license management
  • Compatibility testing
  • Legal & Licensed Use
  • Affiliate/Author-link Free
  • Proven Through Use

Advanced Themes

We work with several theme manufacturers to get produce unique design and layout for every website we build. Our system is not based on templates. Instead, we create an off-line design for you first, and then apply that design onto the WordPress CMS via the most appropriate theme plugin.

Advanced Slide Show

Use out advanced HTML5 WordPress plugin for multi-layer slide shows. This plugin offers video, text and image layers and choose from a large selection of pre-built layer transitions to create smooth stylish display elements to show off your products or services. This function provides what people often call the “wow factor”. Don’t get a website without it.

Custom Sidebar

Create as many custom sidebars as you like and arrange them on the left or right side of any page. Every page is flexible and there’s no limit to the number of sidebars you build. These are great for content elements like product, services or blog menus and any other elements that you want to repeat across many pages.

Mega Menu

Take control over how your website user navigates your website with the mega menu WrdPress plugin. You can add images, logos, symbols and content previews and even pricing directly to the navigation drop-downs.


Run any page in your website like it was a standalone page. You can change logos, header layout, footer content, colour and design. This is great for the business that has a sub-brand or promotion that is focused on a product or service that doesn’t fall under the same identity as the parent company or business.

Pricing Tables

Our WordPress plugin for pricing tables allow for easy drag and drop creation of pricing or product comparison tables. Create a table and use it on any page in your website via a shortcode. Tables support mobile-responsiveness and will re-size for any screen.

Custom Footer

Divide your website footer into column sections or even create a different footer for every page. The custom footer comes with content builders or accepts HTML code for your own custom created content. Great for signup forms, Google maps, mini-menus, contact details, videos, images and just about anything else you can imagine.

Custom header

Pick from a selection of header layouts to centre, left justify or right justify content, add phone number, email, skype, or social media links and of course your company logo. Custom headers can be made to any size and contain any background picture, colour or texture you like. They also span the full width of the screen or stay within a fixed boundary.


Every WordPress website we build is powered by HTML5 and CSS3 output which offers the latest styles and transitions. Modern, smooth and truly beautiful.

MyWPDesign is owned by RankPower Ltd (NZ) – an official Google Partner.

Google Analytics

Start tracking how visitors get to your website and what they do once they arrive. A simple WordPress plugin allows addition of the Google Analytics property code. Alternatively, talk to us about adding Analytics with Google Tag Manager – for advanced Analytics capability.

Google Tag Manager

For advanced tagging capability, use GTM via a Child Theme header file. Confused? Don’t worry. While this isn’t a plugin, we think it’s an essential part of your inventory to have added to the website. It makes sharp business insights possible and ease of intergration for other tags you might require added to the site.

301 Redirection

A great tool for re-connecting Google search results with valid pages in your website, this WordPress plugin is also necessary for re-connecting broken backlinks to your site’s pages to their replacement URLs. It’s an indispensable tool if search traffic and Google rank is important to your business.

Google Search Console

Monitor your 404 errors directly from the WordPress CMS to quickly and easily set 301 redirects for any lost connections to your pages. This function requires you to also have a Google Search Console account, or be able to connect to one through your website via the Google API.

Google Adsense

Want to generate a bit of extra revenue by running ads on your website? Well integrate Google Adsense into fixed content blocks on your website like in headers, sidebars or footers, or we can build them into context in the body of any page.

Custom HTML Header & Footer

Add custom HTML code to your page headers or footers on a sitewide template or on a page by page basis. Ideal for the savvy website marketer who understands the power of social media, geo-targeting, language targeting, ownership verifications, remarketing tags and much more.

Search Engine Optimization

Load up our go-to SEO plugin for WordPress and you’ve got a powerful platform to gain Google rank. This plugin provides meta creation, page title creation, sitemaps, control over Robots on a site-wide or per page basis, keyword phrase optimisation testing, dynamic metas or titles, default social share image and much more. We’ll install this plugin for you for free – because we think every website really should come with it, period.


Ensure search engines can get access to the pages you want crawled irrespective if they are on your navigation menu. Dynamic XML sitemap generation is an essential add-on to get your website into search.


Reinforce your marketing efforts by marketing to those who have already been on your website. The Google Display advertising remarketing code can be added via several of our WordPress plugins. We’ll guide you on how and where to place the tag.

Custom Form Builder

Capture the client data you really need with this powerful WordPress plugin. It allows for totally custom field labels, values and input criteria. They’re also capable of being made conditional so that your form responds to users with the right questions or the applicable content. Input is stored in the website database and also emailed to any recipient. They can also be set to integrate with 3rd party functions like MailChimp so you can start marketing to the people who are already interested.

Browser Caching

Install this WordPress plugin to get better user-end speed performance if your website uses many of the same elements and resources. Instead of the browser requesting a new load from the web host, it leverages cached content to build each page-load making the overall user experience faster and more enjoyable.

Database Backup

Make backups of the whole database before making any large scale changes. This WordPress plugin helps you get out of trouble when things don’t go quite as planned.

Database Search & Replace

Easily replace known values in your website content with new entries by way of automated data matching and replacement. For the advanced website administrator, this WordPress plugin will search your database tables for matching strings that you can test run before committing to a change. Perfect for bulk changes to names or URLs.

Javascript, CSS & HTML Optimisation

Use this plugin feature to speed up rendering of content on your website for end-users. The Google Page Speed Insights tool will provide feedback on improvements we make to the performance of your website.

Chat & Customer Support

This WordPress plugin is great for making your end-users feel loved! They can chat directly with you via a chat popup. So much more user-friendly than a delayed response through email enquiry forms, and perfect if you are available at your desk anyway.

File & Database Backup

We use a WordPress Plugin that makes backing up your website a breeze. Combine our backup system with Google Drive cloud-based file storage and you have a powerful system in place to help your website recover from the unexpected mishap or virus breach.

Firewall & Virus Protection

Like with your home or office computer, websites also need to be protected from cyber-criminals. We use the WordFence plugin for WordPress to protect our websites against viruses, hackers and denial of service attacks. Our combination of settings and premium level function and support from WordFence ensure we’ve got your business asset covered.

Two-Step Sign-in

With this WordPress plugin functionality you can be sure that the only person logging in to your website actually has the right to do so. The plugin accepts the first login step via regular username and password but then adds a layer of verification by sending a pin code via text message to the verified cellular phone number of the user. Users can be managed by a remote application and revoked by a simple deactivation check box.

Comment Disabler & Spam Filters

Comment spam is an unfortunate consequence of having a WordPress website with a blog and comment section enabled. We install WordPress plugins to protect the site from allowing comment spam to be published, or filter out spam so that you wont have to be bothered by it appearing in your inbox.

Social Media Sign-in

This WordPress plugin functionality helps ensure new members on your WordPress website have already been verified by their social media platforms. It provides that extra layer of protection for your website as a check that subscribers are most likely to be genuine and don’t have an ulterior motive for signup. The consequence is that it helps protect your site against comment spam and potentially serious breaches of security.

Spam Protection

Honeypot form fields and email encryption systems ensure spam is kept to an absolute minimum. Experiencing a barrage of spam from overseas sources is not unusual, and this WordPress plugin combination helps weed out the automated systems used by hackers and black-hat SEO spammers.


Add the famous WooCommerce WordPress plugin and you can start selling online. Setup is straight forward and standard eCommerce pages are added to your WordPress website automatically. Out of the box, this plugin provides product page templates, shipping types, pricing with ‘on-sale’ options, inventory management, taxes, simple and variable product listings and much more.

Payment Gateway Integration

Extend your eCommerce installation with a variety of payment gateways to suit the needs of your clients. Options include Cash on Delivery, Purchase Order (Direct Credit), Credit/Debit Card payment and Paypal.

eCommerce API and Accounting Integration

Want to manage your WordPress eCommerce system remotely or via existing business accounting software? There are several pre-built WordPress plugin connectors available for the job.


With Paypal you can start selling online and you don’t even have to install eCommerce functions! We can assist with integrating payment functions via the Paypal button system for fixed-price eCommerce. This is a simple yet effective way to upgrade your website to accepting payment online.

Inventory Management

Integrate your eCommerce enabled WordPress website with offline or cloud based inventory management systems. We assist with installation of several well-known systems that have existing data connectors.

Social Media Sharing

This plugin functionality adds sharing buttons to your WordPress website so that your users and customers can share you content with a single click. Choose from a variety of themes and place them just about anywhere you want.

Post to Social Media

Easily share your website content to social media platforms when you publish your new page. With one click your new content can be delivered to a variety of connected platforms saving you the hassle of placing them there one by one.

Social Feed Widgets

Show your social media content on your website with this WordPress plugin function, and select from a variety of display options.

Social Follow Widgets

This WordPress plugin functionality connects your visitors with your social media platforms.

MailChimp Integration

Adds email addresses and other user details into your MailChimp electronic direct mailing list. Can be used in conjunction with custom forms or part of a standalone email signup.

Event Management Integrations

Manage ticket sales or seats into eCommerce, Paypal or other payment methods, or simply take bookings via deployment of third-party functionality. Your event management booking provider will supply code to add to your site.

Paypal Buttons

A simple payment method to begin selling online. Paypal buttons can be configured to the currency you select with pre-determined pricing for one-click to cart and checkout.

Google Calendar

Add any number of Google calendars to your website so that your clients can see your booked times, or events schedule.

Booking Systems

Great for accommodation suppliers who have existing booking systems in place, we integrate those systems into the website if that functionality is available from the booking supplier.

Custom Plugins

So you haven’t found what you were looking for but you really need your website to perform the task you wanted. We develop custom code and create new plugins from scratch to suit your needs. Call us to get some insights into what can be delivered and how much this might cost. Our development is primarily done in-house but when out-source partners are required we will connect you to their services. We can also offer full project management to help minimise cost overruns.

Please fill in the form below for an initial enquiry. A comprehensive estimate is only possible after a full analysis of scope of works. Sorry, we are unable to provide fixed price quotes on most customisation work.

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