We Prioritize Your Business Objectives

Our Designs are Adapted to Your Business Goals.

Business Intelligence

I can help you apply all available business intelligence mechanisms from lead source to conversion

Marketing Expertise

The highest level of digital marketing skills are at your disposal with me on the project

Holistic Strategy

I take a broader view of your web project to ensure all the bases are covered

Definitely Not Your Average Joe

Do you care about business results?

I’d say I’m quite different to how most website designers operate, and it’s because I’m actually not a website designer!

My name is Perry Bernard and I’m an online business strategist. I translate business needs into a combination of website design website function, digital marketing, search engine optimisation and over-arching marketing strategy. Does that sound different to ‘website design’? Bet your britches it does!

Showing you how your new website can deliver business results is my top priority.

So why is this better?

It’s because a website designer might deliver an amazing looking website that never delivers sales, leads or other business results.

It’s also because a website developer might deliver an amazing code base that will impress other developers but perform poorly in search engines or maybe even not at all.

As a business strategist, it’s my mission to think of all the aspects of your online presence that will help your business succeed.

Ask me how, I’ll be happy to help!

Some of the ways in which I help your business:

  • Expertise in Search Engine Optimisation
  • Skilled copywriter
  • Excellence in WordPress build
  • Intimate knowledge of Yoast SEO
  • Pedantic about website security
  • Primo skills at building Adwords campaigns
  • An ace at setting up Google Analytics
  • Hot stuff when it comes to business intelligence
  • Awesome skills at Facebook marketing
  • Fantastic at setting up WordPress themes
  • Amazing knowledge of business management
  • Supremely fast at building websites
  • Fussy with making sure things work
  • Ultimate understanding of Google Tag Manager
  • Master of Google Search Console
What People Say

“…extremely talented and is considered to be one of the top people in the SEO field.”
Robert O’Haver (Industry Leader – USA)

“Perry is helping us take care of our business. Point of difference: he really cares and is excited by watching the positive changes”
Kerry Law (Client – NZ)

“…he is one of those with a firm grasp of how search really works. Never afraid to ask questions or to back up his opinions with sound data”
Sheldon Campbell (Industry Leader – AUS)

“Perry made it easy to understand what we needed to do – and what we shouldn’t be wasting our money on.”
Wilson Hull (Client – NZ)

“…Perry is my go to person for SEO advice”
Kate Toon (Industry Leader – AUS)

“A self taught SEO genius, Perry is an enormous asset to the Forge team, where I have the pleasure of working alongside him.”
Phil Rose (Former Colleague – NZ)

“… blown away by Perry’s in depth knowledge of digital analytics, and his ability to answer the tough questions”
Adriano Di Palma (Industry expert – AUS)

“…incredible understanding of how to harness the power of the internet to build your business.”
Roger McSaveney (Employer – NZ)

“…the best in the business, and offers genuinely credible SEO and online marketing advice”
Shona Bracey (Client – NZ)

“…genuinely wants to help businesses and to educate business owners on how better to position themselves online.”
Trey Collier (Pro-Bono Client – USA)

“…attention to detail, understanding of the scope of work to be undertaken and general “can do” attitude was appreciated.”
Owen Grauman (Client – NZ)

“…a true professional with a real interest in helping business owners no matter what size their business is.”
Jude Mannion (Client – NZ)