Our Policy is 100% Complete Transparency

We Provide You With Clarity on all Costs.

100% Fair

Your total cost is a direct reflection on how long a project takes. There’s no fairer pricing than that.

100% Transparent

We provide you with a link to our timesheet. You see exactly what we’ve done and when we did it.

Fixed Hourly Rate

It’s simple, succinct and competitive. See below for estimates for different kinds of projects

How Are Our Prices Fairer Than Most?

It’s simple. You pay for how long the work takes, nothing more. And we happen to be fast at this! Other web design agencies will sell you a fixed package and do everything in their power to stay under budgeted time to maximise their profitability. You don’t get to see their timesheet, just their bill. We prefer to work quickly and efficiently so that you become a great supporter of our services. We want our clients to succeed, because we know our own success depends on that. Sound fair? We reckon it is.

Typical Profile Website:

Might be 5 pages like Home, Services, Products, About Us, Contact Us with basic functionality. If you already have the content ready to go, and you are very clear on the style of design you like, then sites like this can be built very quickly. From 10 hours plus, more if you need us to create your text content for you.

This build estimate does not include any SEO work, or hosting costs.

NZ $1,500 – $2,250+*

Lead Generation Website:

Say 5-10 pages like Home, Services, Products, About Us, Contact Us, Blog, Articles etc with basic functionality but requires SEO from the ground up. May have enquiry forms with conversion measurement, Google Tag Manager with Analytics and so on. These sites need more consideration around how to attract and convert visitors into clients. Shortest possible times from 6 hours, but usually 15 hours or more. So a site could cost you $2,250+*.

NZ $2,250 – $5,000+*

Business Machine (non-commerce):

Could be 10-30 pages and have SEO as an integral part of the build all the way through – it would need content on the basis of organic and paid landing pages determined by keywords being selected. Probably has advanced features like popups, complex forms, GCLID implemented for Adwords offline conversion tracking, advanced analytics tracking, or any number of other business intelligence requirements. Typical build might be 15 – 60 hours depending on how much content you are able to prepare yourself. Cost range is therefore $2,250 – $9,000+*

NZ $2,250 – $9,000+*

eCommerce Website:

Costs vary a lot because it can depend on how many products you will sell, whether you have data ready for import and what skillset you can bring to the table to create the product listings yourself, or need us to do everything. Sites selling 5 products are very simple. Sites with 200+ products start to get time consuming and typically have additional features necessary, like wishlists, directories, subscriptions or calendars. From very simple at 10 hours to very complex and several hundred hours. Price range $1,500 for a single product store to $50,000 and more for custom eCommerce.

NZ $1,500 – $50,000+*

About Communication, Progress and Further Costs

Initial Scope:

Sometimes it’s hard to pin down exactly how much time a project will take, and because this affects your costs we prefer that we get everything down on paper so that we have a clear path and you’ll know what we did or didn’t include in our time estimates*.

Wherever we can, we’ll keep it simple. Because website design and build tasks can vary from simple to incredibly complicated, we rate tasks on a scale of difficulty and time:

Task Complexity – Rated 1-10 vs. Estimated* Time Required in Hours. For example:

Complexity: 3, Time: 2.5

This means not too hard, takes around 2 1/2 hours. Estimated* cost for you will be 2.5 x $150, or

Complexity: 8, Time: 20

Means: reasonably complex, might take about 20 hours. Estimated* cost for you will be 20 x $150

Why use this system to communicate task estimates?

It’s because sometimes tasks look like they could be really simple to the untrained eye, but are actually super complex, and other times what you might think was a fairly hard job could be taken care of with a simple check-box function that already exists as an included option.

*All estimates are estimates, not quotes. We can operate on a fixed price model like other agencies who inflate the quote to cover unexpected additional time, but we don’t think that’s actually fair.


We use Google Docs to keep a timesheet with all the time and costs directly attributed to your project. We share the link with you so that you can see what we’ve done, when we did it, how long it took and what your account balance is up to. Easy huh?

We figure that this is the fairest possible way for you to get the best final result: A website that’s worth exactly what it cost.

Material Costs:

We don’t put a markup on material costs like Plugins, Stock Images or Subscriptions needed to build your project. We’ll just get you to pay those direct, that way you own everything too.

Hosting, Security & Basic Maintenance:

Our rates start at $50 per month for ongoing costs and are based on the complexity of your build. All websites we build must be hosted by us during the build process, but you are welcome to host elsewhere after going live. We do not support websites not on our hosting service, and moving off our hosting service is at your expense and risk.

Advanced Support:

Talk to us about your needs. As with everything else, our costs are set as fairly as possible.